Day 26 – Puzzle 76


അവയുടെ വിസ്തീർണ്ണം സംഖ്യാപരമായി അവയുടെ ചുറ്റളവിന് തുല്യമാണ്. ഇത്തരം രൂപങ്ങളെ “equable shapes” എന്ന് പറയും . ഈ സ്വഭാവമുള്ള വേറെയും പല രൂപങ്ങൾ വരയ്ക്കാം

Their area is numerically equal to their perimeter. Many such shapes are possible: Such shapes are called equable shapes

Best Explanation : Umesh P Narendran
Property 1: The area, expressed in square units, is numerically equal to the perimeter.
The circle has area of 4π sq. units, and perimeter of 4π units.
The square has area of 16 sq. units, and perimeter of of 16 units.
The triangle has area of 30 sq. units, and perimeter of 30 units.

Other examples:
A triangle with sides 6, 8, 10. Area = 24 sq. units, Perimeter = 24 units.
A rectangle of length = 6 and breadth = 3, Area = 18 sq. units, Perimeter = 18 units.
A regular hexagon of side (4/sqrt(3)). Area = 8 * sqrt(3) sq. units. Perimeter 8 * sqrt(3) units.

Property 2: All have an inradius of 2. Inradius is the radius of the larger circle that can be inscribed in the shape.
Other examples:
Any rectangle of shorter dimension 2.

Best ExplanationUmesh P Narendran

First 10 Correct Answers

Sl NoPrimaryHigh SchoolOthers
1Jnanadev P PrabhuJnanasree P PrabhuAswini.R
2Fathima Rafna PHani FajrSangeetha. K
3Rishonഋതിക. എസ്Aneesh Madathara
4_PradhithUmesh P Narendran
5_AnaghaviswamMaria Raju
6_Alphin BinoyiDhanu
7_Anika R NairAnusha Ramesh. V
8_Geofferin George Saji_
9_Franklin Joseph Saji_

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